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Convertible Jennifers

conjen are gently escorting pop music into the new millennium with simple, catchy-as-hell songs about your girlfriend, Scrabble, vampires, income taxes, the representation of seahorses in indigenous Nordic fin de siècle adolescent literature, and Mark Sanford.

The Jack Lords Orchestra

The Jack Lords Orchestra

Summer 2006-on hiatus from their other bands, The Jack Lords Orchestra began as a quest for timeless, melancholic pop that exists in a universe where the Brill Building of the sixties, Laurel Canyon in the seventies, Manchester in the eighties, Manila during martial law and the islands of Oahu and New York City are somehow one and the same.



P.I.C – a charismatic, nothing-but-a-good-time, super-sized alternative hip-hop collective

Red Datsun


Red Datsun are an American indie-rock-alternative band, formed in New York City in 2006. The band is comprised of lead vocalist Miller, lead guitarist Dave C, keyboardist Eric T. S. Gonzales (aka Rice), bassist Gui Marques, and drummer Amanda.

The West Fjords


The West Fjords navigates the blasphemous voyage of electro-coated norse frequencies transmitted from the depths of the great arctic centrifuge to the cross streets of New York City. Centered around atmospheric and ethereal aesthetics, the sound is created with guitars, synthesizers and haunting vocal melodies conjuring images of stretched out highways under mountain stars.