Riding Mower Records


El Nova Hustle

Released Sept. 21st, 2007

“eclectic yet safe and assured, just like a taxi-cab ride through the city…most interesting when thought of as P.I.C.’s dash to replace Jurassic 5’s empty spot. If so, then safe travel boys” – okayplayer.com

“As much as P.I.C pulls from old sounds it adds new style to today’s music and achieves the impossible. Vintage sound with modern attitude? Style with substance? P.I.C can take that like it’s nothing. The rest of the music scene better keep up with the hustle.” – The Overcast.net

“P.I.C. retain their good-time band status by delivering yet another dose of devilishly danceable music whose eccentric musical mash-up and fearless flare for the unorthodox never interferes with the fun bouncing out your speakers” – Mike SOS, 3:16 Productions

released 21 September 2007
All songs written and performed by P.I.C
Produced by P.I.C, Adam Charity, Eric Bennett
Mixed by Adam Charity, Eric Bennett

  • Alnova Do That
  • Fonzarelli (Arthur's Theme)
  • Carmel Love
  • Get On Gawin'
  • Keep Up
  • Old Sole
  • Chimp Attack
  • Hard Look Case
  • Lactose
  • Jimbo's Open House