Riding Mower Records



Released 2000

“Imagine the best of vintage Stevie Wonder jamming with De La Soul… so if you dig your funk with tons of soul and solid musicianship, check out PIC for yourself.”
– Under the Volcano

“What a cool album… Incorporates all the most innovative rhythm changes, most phat-blasting horn tracks, turntable spontaneity and you’ve got the most revolutionary funkin’ sound around.”
– www.samscd.com

“It’s impossible to dislike this band… More importantly, it’s hard to listen to their savvy hybrid of various styles and keep your booty in check. The turntablework is sparse but effective, and the horn section kicks ass.”
– www.splendidezine.com

“From the first downbeat it’s apparent that p.i.c. knows what it’s doing. If you wonder how it is that party tunes can also satisfy deeper needs, look no further than this disc.”
– aiding and abetting

released 06 April 2000
All songs written and performed by P.I.C
Produced by P.I.C and Adam Charity
Mixed by Adam Charity

  • Hiphopunkfunkmamboska
  • Sometimes Y
  • Hambo
  • PB&J
  • Erwin Lockdown
  • Coming of a new
  • Henry Street
  • Switch
  • Esperanza
  • Happy