Riding Mower Records


Red Datsun (Self-Titled)

Released 2007

Red Datsun is the product of lives spent in suede cubicles, shadowy bars, ambient trains, and throttled cars. Young lives rooted in the sound of the rock & roll the way the kids used to do it, and the way it used to be done. Analog, dirty, unfastidious.

Naming such bands as The Kinks, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Clash, The Specials, XTC, Wire, Pixies, Pavement among their influences, Red Datsun has developed a rock & roll sound synthesized from 70’s and 80’s roots, rock, punk, and post-punk elements.

  • Runaround
  • Radio Don't Go
  • Garden State
  • Bigg Man
  • Gorgeous Day
  • Freak Scene
  • Fort Greene
  • Holiday Song
  • Devil You Know
  • Mary Jane