Riding Mower Records


Sexy Picnic

Released 2003

“Sexy Picnic… is a genre-blurring triumph.” -sponiczine.com

“Whether they’re rapping over funk, hiphop or mambo , these insane partiers never let up for a second… sounds like Outkast on 45 with a horn section.” -splendidezine.com

“Infectious and intelligent tracks effortlessly make you smile the way Stevie Wonder, Tribe Called Quest, and most nudie bar slow jams only can.”
– 316productions.com

“Their style recalls the aftermath of a collision between the tour buses of Stevie Wonder, Arrested Development and Sly And The Family Stone…. the scat-rapping is earthy, and the sweaty backing sounds like it was beamed in from planet P-Funk.”
– Logo Magazine

“Cross amusing hip hop with Frank Zappa and this is what you get, an old school feel that still carries relevance.”
– impactpress.com

“Rarely do bands and rappers team up for a longer lasting relationship, the Roots being the most relevant exception. New York’s P.I.C might be another contender… Imagine a steaming pot of gumbo blending funk, jazz, rock and ska, meshed with detailed timing and spiced up with a contagious party vibe and you got “Sexy Picnic.”
– rapreviews.com

released 03 May 2003
All songs written and performed by P.I.C
Produced by P.I.C and Adam Charity
Mixed by Adam Charity

  • Circus
  • Sugar Plan
  • Talk
  • Sexy Picnic
  • Ghoti
  • Timonium
  • Kimba Lang
  • Laboratory
  • Nevermore Stories
  • D.A.R.Y.L. (Love Error)