Riding Mower Records


Slow Jam King Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Released 2004

“Enthusiastically scored to the titular quiet storms, ersatz c&w, and hip-hop textures, the anti-rockist Slow Jam King is fun to listen to.” – The Village Voice

Featuring selections from the original score, as composed by P.I.C’s sax player, Jeffrey C. Gray, and original music written and performed by Steve Mallorca, under his alter egos, Van Rivers and The Sulu Love Orchestra. Also featuring Convertible Jennifers, Lovetester, Robbie “Seahag” Mangano, Pete Diamond, Boy Toro, and more!

  • Opening Movement
  • 200 Miles
  • Slow Jam King
  • Stalk
  • Old Guitar
  • Stairs
  • Hard on the Wheel
  • 18 Wheels
  • Locked Out
  • S.M.A.
  • Resident Hesitant
  • D.A.R.Y.L (love error)
  • Tie One On
  • Sweet Love Song
  • The Bard's Tail
  • Wiz Guy
  • Good Enough
  • Rese's Theme
  • Just a Method
  • Lay Your Lady Down
  • Baby Don't Know
  • Booty Talk
  • Heavy Haul