Riding Mower Records


Smash and Grab: The Singles Collection

Released 2013

Having trolled the rock ‘n’ roll bargain bins for the best of America’s left-over junk culture, Red Datsun return with a singles collection of mashed up, trashed up and made over soon-to-be classics.

If Will Ferrell were to drive his car into The Stooges, The Damned, Kiss, and Steve McQueen crossing the street to get into a comic convention with the Misfits riding on the hood… it might SOUND like this. What it would LOOK like, however, is the green card line at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

So play loud and do something reckless like trash your cubicle, spank your kid in public, or bring a bacon cheeseburger to a vegan food co-op and then throw up on a yoga mat. Tomorrow may never come.

  • Cash 'n' Carry
  • Mexico
  • No Reason
  • Pound and Go
  • Waste Away
  • The Sevens
  • Charm City
  • River Road
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Mi Corazon
  • Sugar Hips