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Released 2010

The West Fjords’ brief history can be traced back to the winter of 2009 when work on Crash Landing (a collaboration between Micah Valdes and Christian Marquez) began. Crash Landing would later become the first song of the 10-track debut album, Telescope.

Most of the album was written between January-March and completed after a 40-day katzenjammer through Finland, Norway and Sweden in June 2009. While in Scandinavia, Christian Marquez wrote the remainder of the album; Nakemiin and Debts of Lovers. The ensuing months were spent recording and experimenting with waveforms under the auspices of Sound Engineer Eric Bennett at the Hunt Studio. By October 2009 much of Telescope was recorded.

The debut album, Telescope, was released on April 25, 2010 with album performances from Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females), Cindy Torres, Patrick McGrath & Eric Bennett. Music and lyrics written by Christian Marquez (formerly of Shiva Copal), except for Crash Landing, lyrics by Micah Valdes. The West Fjords are Christian Marquez [composer/guitar], Lynsey Vandenberg [guitar/vocals], Micah Valdes [vocals/glockenspeil], Masaki Yamagata [beats/electronics] and Joel Bernardo [bass].

Telescope was recorded & produced by Eric Bennett and Mastered by 2-time Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer Tom Ruff at Asbury Media. Album cover photography by Aino Martikainen (Helsinki, Finland). Album art by Steve Mallorca (New York, NY) and Gary Gabisan (Los Angeles, CA). Telescope, is available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.com.

  • Crash Landing
  • Floating House
  • Debts of Lovers
  • Wingspan
  • A Million Folds
  • Adrift At Twilight
  • Orbiter
  • She Walks the Earth
  • Nakemiin
  • Autumn Stars