Riding Mower Records


The Jack Lords (Self-Titled)

Released 2007

Pop Tastic
by ZacksinStereo
One would find it a complete surprise to find that the Jack Lords are a band based out of New York City. By listening to a few of their songs, the immediate vibe is distinctly West Coast/Hawaiian. But it suits them very well. The large, sighing movements are enjoyable and above all, pleasing to the ear. Despite the fact that the musicians hail from the Concrete Jungle, the music does its Pacific roots justice.

Some good sounds for a collage of great artists
by Sajor469
The JACK LORDS compile a cluster of genres that make a unique sound that has you playing in the car or groovin on the beach. The sound is great! I had the chance to see them in NY awhile ago and the sound is remarkable as when I last saw them. Give this album a listen and you decide. If you ever have been to the islands you will here the influences that makes you miss paradise like I do. So check this out and groove to the JACK LORDS.

get this album!!!
by marty shanghai
We’ve had the pleasure of catching this band a few times live in the NYC area, and always enjoyed the shows. Now that we are on the other side of the world for a little while, it’s great to see their album is available on i-tunes. It’s rare you find one of those albums you can listen to from begining to end that suit many of your musical moods of the day. A few of their original recordings were permanent fixtures on our bbq playlist last summer. Definitely give this album a shot especially if you are tired of listening to same old stuff being played on the radio these days. Being a fan of so many different musical genres I really love their unique blend of pop, rock and island sounds. Makes my ears happy.

  • Overture - Cloudburst
  • Django fett
  • High Winds
  • RayD
  • To the Stars
  • Weight of Things
  • Chant
  • Molokai
  • Six Months In a Leaky Boat
  • Wednesday's Dead
  • Dubious Eyes